Changetip real-time usage stats

Track how Changetip is growing with these real-time charts, updated every five minutes.

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Note: This is an unofficial site, not affiliated with ChangeTip. Nick Sullivan, their CEO, has asked me to point out that this is not a full history of ChangeTip's data. I started collecting it on 6 Dec 2014.

Please note - I am not affiliated in any way with Changetip. I'm just interested to see if it can generate sufficient growth to become a massive success. I put these charts together using the data they publish on their home page.

Tracking started on 6 Dec 2014. Times are GMT (UK time)

Note to the Changetip guys - I realise I'm using your data and brand name on this page. If you'd like me to change it or take the page down, please let me know changetipstats at gmail.